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FauxLocsLondon Covid-19 Appointment Safety Measures

We want to 100% reassure you that we’re doing absolutely everything we can to ensure your safety at your appointment. Our top priority remains the wellbeing of our customers and people and in providing a safe environment. At FauxLocsLondon, we strongly believe that your health is paramount. We are licensed and certified in infection control principles, we are prepared to mitigate any risks and make it as safe as it can be!

Everyone is at risk of contracting the virus and spreading it to others. Although there is a lengthy list of symptoms, 60% of people who get coronavirus have NO symptoms or are mildly symptomatic and are still transmitting the virus to others.


There is no way to provide a truly safe service because social distance cannot be maintained - we like to be very transparent with our customers, to say our service is totally ‘safe’ is impossible. Anyone who arrives to their appointment showing signs/symptoms of coronavirus will have their appointment terminated and rescheduled for a later date.

At your appointment;

  • Make use of the anti-bacterial gel/wipes provided

  • Wash hands on arrival and throughout your time at your appointment


Masks are worn to protect others from YOU! Out of courtesy and respect it is compulsory for you to wear a mask properly throughout your appointment this reduces the risk of passing on the virus.

ALL clients will be required to wear a mask at the appointment.

Masks must cover the bridge of your nose to below your chin and should not be hanging loose at the sides


  • All hair styling tools will be cleaned & disinfected after single use as usual

  • All surfaces; station, door handles will be cleaned and disinfected

  • We are switching to disposables where we can. That’s cups, gowns, etc

  • No handshakes, no hugs - air hugs for now

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