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Here comes the regal BRIDE!! 👰🏾‍👑💕

Your wedding hairstyle is as important as you and your dress. Getting married is one of the biggest life events you’ll ever have to prepare for and how you look on the day is also paramount. All eyes are on you so it’s important that you choose what’s right for you and your special day.

We are here to tell you that natural locs and faux locs can be styled into many designs and wedding hair options with locs are nearly endless.

"Thank you sooooo much, you were incredible, my hair was amaaaaazing. I loved loved loved my hair on my wedding day. Thank you"
-- Ashleigh, Bride

Before your big day, we have a trial to work through ideas and eliminate any styles that make the bride feel anxious or uncomfortable. We also use this opportunity to explore different accessories to see what works for you and your entire look.

My first BRIDE... First of many! Working as a bridal hairstylist had to be one of the most rewarding, but also most pressurised, jobs you can have but I would do it over and over again. I had such a rewarding time creating this fabulous hairstyle

Hairstyling a bride is far more than being a hairdresser or a hair stylist and encompasses many roles - it’s not just hair.

This was truly a magical moment to experience, congratulations to the happy couple

Daniel & Ashleigh ❤️

Here are some portraits by Travis X, OMX Productions;

Images by Travis X

Twitter: @OMXProductions


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